Heart Throbs. 
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A5.  32pp.  full colour.
Each comes with a fold out A3 poster of Cosmic Courtney and a Heart Throbs pin badge.

Heart Throbs takes you on a journey through a selected history of our oddball idols and pop cultural objects of affection.  Full colour glossy zine, with a variety of digital collages and us in conversation.  For us these memories are part haunting nostalgia, part absurd hilarity.  
Join us on our Weekend at Yearnies. xx.

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20pp full colour.

Four stories on some of the lovely little difficulties of living inside the contemporary social pact, by George Lionel Barker.  
Violence and politics at work drinks, being on the wrong end of medical priorities, difficult nakedness in a car park and trouble with HR.

Just dogs that live longer.
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A5.  28pp.  full colour.

The second in our pattern interview series, this interview between Pink Sands Studio and Stephen Forge talks about component based design, truth to materials and getting what you get.

2nd print edition.
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A5.  36pp.  full colour.
2nd edition contains a new cover and reorganised interior.

R U OK? Contains poems borne out of what might as well of been a WhatsApp men’s support group by and for George Lionel Barker and Paddy Gould.
Designed by Pink Sands Studio.

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