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Upcoming Exhibition September 2021!

Pause for Living
Roxy Topia and Paddy Gould

A message from Liam and Joe from CBS Gallery - "At CBS we're really happy to announce our next exhibition Pause for Living by Roxy Topia and Paddy Gould. Split over two different venues, CBS Gallery (Liverpool) and Pink Sands Studio (Birkenhead) the two shows are themed as seasonal issues, SPRING / SUMMER and AUTUMN / WINTER.

Roxy and Paddy have been collaborating for 14 years in life and art and have been life long friends of ours at CBS so its with great pleasure that we host this long overdue and pandemic delayed exhibition, in partnership with Pink Sands Studio."
-Liam and Joe

"In the mid 20th century Coca Cola began releasing a free advertising pamphlet called ‘Pause for Living’. Four colourful seasonal issues a year offered hosting advice, illustrated crafting ideas and party tips; aimed at housewives and reminding them to entertain with Coke. 

Fast forward to 2020, what a year for us all. 

This work was mostly completed last year but it was started a year or so before. Our grappling with a more settled and tbh more boring lifestyle was only exacerbated by the onset of lockdown. Our rented home environment, full of objects, plants and knick-knacks all became close friends for better or worse. Time spent reflecting on nomadic yearnings, handed down aspirations, nostalgic longing, self-sufficiency and daily routines; values that are advertised to us by objects in the home; all in a moment like none any of us had ever experienced.  

We present still lives, paintings and sculptural vignettes that attempt to capture a mixture of feelings and changeable emotions. (Objects which further clutter our lives lol). We can’t say that everything that happened in 2020 was all bad, amongst some very painful times there were some positive outcomes. Let’s just say we tried to ‘PFL’ and be ok with it."

- Roxy & Paddy

Instagram - @roxytopia_and_paddygould

Pause for Living is split over two venues opening in successive weeks. 
Pause for Living, SPRING/SUMMER
CBS Gallery, 63 Blundell Street, Liverpool, L1 0AJ.
Opening-Thurs 9th September, 5-9 pm
Open by appointment until 26th September.
Instagram - @cbsgallery

Pause for Living, AUTUMN/WINTER
Pink Sands Studios, 28C Argyle Street, Birkenhead, CH41 6AE.
Opening- Sat 18th September, 2-5pm
Open by appointment until 3rd October.
Instagram - @pink_sands_studio

This is Jackalope

We have contributed ten drawings from our Acid to Alkaline Series to Issue 3 of the ‘This is Jackalope’ annual, bilingual printed publication (ES/ENG) by Christina Anglada & Gema Melgar.
It gathers texts and visual essays that reflect on the themes and interests of the contemporary artistic and cultural field.

Designed by Otro Bureau
Available from the This Is Jackalope Website

Baby Talk

Baby Talk

Shown in the exhibition “Dirty Un-realism”
at Studio 1.1, London. 2018

Love’s Chuckle Biscuits

A curtain bupps across the wall
as you dutch oven your love
elsewhere the grass is dropping
low in a meadow

The space in your head
travels in through
the holes in those eyes

Your misheard meanderings
your snorty laughs
break them open like
Summer once again

Let Love’s Chuckle Biscuits
boink and spurt you right open
petals scattering on the pillows

Take leave of your partners
fart covered arms

You are around them
this whole moment
you move between molecules

Let Love’s Chuckle Biscuits
boink and spurt you right open
petals scattering on the pillows

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