Roxy Topia Paddy Gould



New Paintings

Lifelike Cavity, Acrylic and paintmarker on MDF and Polymer clay, 2019

Untitled, Acrylic on Ply and Polymer Clay, 2020

Phantom, Acrylic and ink on MDF, polymer clay, 2021


We have contributed ten drawings from our Acid to Alkaline Series to Issue 3 of the ‘This is Jackalope’ annual, bilingual printed publication (ES/ENG) by Christina Anglada & Gema Melgar.
It gathers texts and visual essays that reflect on the themes and interests of the contemporary artistic and cultural field.

Designed by Otro Bureau
Available from the This Is Jackalope Website


These drawings are available as Digital Prints in our Shop.
A3, gloss black on heavyweight 300gsm smooth white matte.
£15 each, free postage in the uk.

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