Drip Into Something More Comfortable

Drip into something more comfortable, 2012, George and Jorgen, London
(This exhibition also featured a digital video work, due to its explicit content it is not on view here. If you would like to view please get in touch.)

Press Release 

Fantasy fun! Cotton candy panty! Inert insert! Sweaty sex-shop top! Shiny smooth somethings! The (dis)ease of (dis)embodiment! Suckable tuckable! Prismatic pocket pussy! Strawberry scented sexy timez! Palm tree penis! Shake your coconuts! Stimulation simulation! Explosive beckoning! Fruit-filled wads! Insatiable orifices! Our bodies our elves! Destroy the dominant sensuality paradigm! Glitter globbed pull-up-to-my-bumper cars in tunnel of love! Hung-like-a-horseplay! Knocked-up knickers! Terrifying candy with a titillating secret! Time travel sexcapade! Little shop of whores! Tongue-in-ass-cheek ditties! Vagina dentate! Hetero-normative bait-and-switch! Drip into something more comfortable! Sublime slime! Taste the rainbow! Bent but not spent! Erector-scepters of phallic imperialism deflate and activate! No glove no shove! Leer into Pandora’s box! Hypercolor hymen! Sex as psychedelia! A whole new can of squirms! 4-dimensional gender eclipse! Puritanical antidote oath! Erotic adventurers unite! Come in to the fold!

“The sculptures, drawings and video collage of artists and star-crossed lovers Roxy Topia and Paddy Gould explore themes of sexuality, creativity, dynamism and duality in the context of contemporary hetero “normative” relationships.
Referentially self-aware but lacking the disclaimer of implied irony so ubiquitous in the current cultural landscape, the work of Topia & Gould sparkles and pops with uncensored enthusiasm; suggesting that beyond the scope of fuddy-duddyist aesthetics and your boring Victorian propriety, somewhere between the Cosmic Sublime and Liberace, lives the magical land of Id.

Come on in, the water’s fine! These pieces beckon us to embark upon a colorful carnal carnival of bubblegum fantasies cum grown-up realities. There’s something for everyone: the sleek and shiny, the creepy and strange, the juvenile, the intimidating. Disembodiment abounds, slyly requiring us to examine the abstract nature of what we find attractive.

Ultimately, Topia & Gould’s willingness to share the playfulness of an intimate relationship in the form of artistic ephemera should inspire all who view it to imbue a similar levity to their erotic pursuits. This work reads like a visual manifesto for a new wave of fun-filled sexual liberation.
And it’s right on time.”

- Amy Sather Smith