The Recovery Positions,
Roswell Museum and Art Centre.

Roswell Museum Exhibition Brochure

Roxy: “so, now for the awkward part....Recently we have been digitally manipulating our handmade collaborative drawings into new designs for sculpture using digitally printed polyester satin and working with automotive paint over glazed ceramics (FACT!). Our works often reside where the boundaries of painting, sculpture and drawing converge or collapse.”
Paddy: “Not sure about that last sentance. Is it more like, when you are totally intwined with someone and you have a fight, but it turns out later that you both think the other person caused it? Like that, but between the 2D and the 3D. Or the painting and the sculpture or the surface and the form.
Roxy: “Totes.”
Paddy: “The constant dialogues we have about all manner of things are bound up in what we make but we could not possibly list all of them here as they would cloud the work.”
Roxy: “And also there just isn’t room! I thinkwe are always looking for the possibilities that our relationship brings that are not present when we work alone, and trying to deal with collaboration in all of its complexities.”
Paddy: “But saying that we’re not ones to trust in artist’s statements.”

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