Artist couple Roxy Topia and Paddy Gould have been working together since 2008 and are based in Merseyside, UK. Periodically they collaborate with others, often on independent publications through their press Pink Sands Studio, founded in 2018. Works available to purchase via the platform Gertrude, or contact us directly.

Roxy Topia (b. 1982), Paddy Gould (b. 1980)

Roxy Topia, BA (Hons) Fine Art at UCCA, Canterbury 2003-2006
Paddy Gould, BA (Hons) Fine Art at Kingston, London 2002-2005

2024 Let Your Ideas Come Back As Children, The Bluecoat, Liverpool (UPCOMING 21ST JULY)
2022 Discombobuloscopy, Convenience Gallery, Birkenhead
2021 Pause for Living. Spring / Summer, CBS Gallery, Liverpool
2021 Pause For Living. Autumn / Winter, Pink Sands Studio, Birkenhead
2018 Refried Beans, Studio 2, Todmorden
2016 Great Pretenders, Studio 1.1, London
2016 Got Worms? A Small View, Liverpool
2015 The Recovery Positions, Roswell Museum and Art Centre, NM, USA
2014 Massages from the Second Brain, Monte Vista Projects, LA, USA
2013 Where the Magic Happens, Hackney Picturehouse, London
2012 Hubba Hubba, Studio 1.1, London
2012 Drip into Something More Comfortable, George and Jorgen, London

2023 The Manchester Contemporary, with Convenience Gallery, Manchester
2023 This Year’s Model part 3, Studio 1.1, London
2023 Figurine, 50 MV, Liverpool
2022 Shuffle, Old Bank, Liverpool
2022 This Year's Model, Studio 1.1, London
2020 MK Calling, Milton Keynes Gallery, Milton Keynes
2019 Nice to Meet You, George and Jorgen, Oxford
2019 Multipack, Bunker Gallery, Manchester
2018 Watching Limbo, Caraboo Projects, Bristol
2018 Dirty Un/Realism, Studio 1.1, London
2017 RAIR 50th Anniversary, RMAC, Roswell, USA
2016 I Cyborg, Gazelli Art House, London
2016 Into the Valley, Studio 2, Todmorden
2016 Neo:Print Prize, Neo Gallery, Bolton
2016 Christmas Show, Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
2015 Lumen Film Festival, Staten Island, USA
2015 Sex Shop, Transition Gallery, London
2014 An Absolutely Distinct Still-Life, Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
2014 All the Fun of the Fair, A-side B-side Gallery, London
2014 Sex Shop, Folkestone Triennial, Folkestone
2014 Hello LA, (Project LALO), Studio 1.1 Gallery, London
2014 Art Convertors, Studio 1.1, London
2013 This Year’s Model, Studio 1.1, London
2013 Summer Fete, Ceri Hand Gallery, London
2012 Prophetic Diagrams, George and Jorgen Gallery, London
2012 Somewhere in the Horopter, Mediodia Chica, Madrid
2012 Filmideo, Index Art Centre, Newark USA
2012 My Five New Friends by Oliver Braid, TRS, Liverpool
2011 Sluice Art Fair, London
2011 Emerging London, Identity Gallery, Hong Kong
2010 New Contemporary Art Part One, George and Jorgen, London
2010 Liverpool Reflections, Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz
2009 Portrayal and Perpetration, Wolstenholme Projects, Liverpool
2009 Evil Night, (With Sam Savage and Gema Melgar) Wolstenholme Projects, Liverpool
2008 More than This, Oriel Daffyd Hardy, Caernarvon, Wales

2015-2016 Roswell Artist in residence, New Mexico, USA
2014- Troy Town Art Pottery, Open School East, London
2010- ’Urban Interventions’ (Jan-April), Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz, Austria

2023- Gordon Ricketts Fund Recipient-Paddy
2023- Jury for RAIR Program-Roxy
2021- This is Jackalope, Issue 3
2015- Judges for Roswell UFO Costume Contest

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